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Our campaign inspires and supports teachers and youth leaders to develop a garden as a rich resource for young people learning, health and wellbeing.

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Welcome to I Can Grow!

This project is a chance for young people to discover and explore the benefits of gardening, not only to them, but also to their local community and the wider world.

I Can Grow is designed to empower young people, allowing them to create a campaign, using plants, to shout about the environmental and social issues they believe in.

How it works...

First you need to sign up for a free inspiration pack (register below) which will contain a project guide and great resources to get your class or group thinking about and eventually sharing their campaign.

This project is designed to be led by your young people as much as possible so, using the resources, encourage them to think how they could use plants to solve a problem or support a cause that means something to them.

They will be asked to try and link their cause to one or more of the following themes. click the images to find out more about each specific theme.



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